To those on the front lines, you’re on our minds.

People everywhere are rising to become the heroes of the moment.
Some are used to being called heroes and those new to it are showing us they’ve been heroes all along.

Nothing right now is normal. However, neither are Minnesotans. We’re built for this. We’re hearty. And good hearted. We withstand -60 wind chills and six months where days are differentiated primarily by what shade of gray it is outside.

There are no words to express our gratitude toward those risking their lives so we may continue ours. So we’re doing the only thing we know how to do: say thanks.

When Minnesotans have friends in need, we bring them hot dish. But since we can’t have a potluck, we’re sharing gratitude instead. And you can show your support.

Aside from staying home, saying thanks is how we can all do our part.

So, thank you, Minnesota, for helping out. Stay strong. And stay safe.

Download & Share

Click any of the signs below to download them, then share them where you can.
In your yard. Window. Front door. Online. Wherever works for you.
When our essential workers leave the safety of their homes we want them to be showered with encouragement.

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Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund for Coronavirus →
Contributes to local community foundations, Minnesota Initiative foundations and Intermediaries to support both short and long-term community needs.

Donate Good Stuff →
Connects people with organizations seeking the donation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other supplies.

Feeling the Frontline MN →
Provides healthy meals for front-line hospital workers.

Emergency Fund for Child Care →
Raises funds to keep Twin Cities child care programs open for children of essential workers.